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William C.

Where do I begin about my wonderful experience with Santana Spa??? Before ordering my spa online, I first needed to figure out how it would get delivered. My house in Western Sonoma is located in the Forest with steep hills and tons of Redwoods, which would impede any type of delivery, let alone a hot tub!!! Initially, I thought it would have to be hoisted in to place, meaning I would need to rent a crane, block the road, etc; not gonna happen! I decided to call Julio @ Santana Spa, who promptly arranged for a site inspection. He told me they could do the job and also offered for me to have my tub stored at their warehouse until delivery day. They arrived early and with surgical precision, positioned the tub in to place with absolutely NO issues! SIMPLY THE BEST in the North Bay!!! Highly recommended!!!

Information by Santana's Spa Delivery Service, Santa Rosa Hot Tub Movers

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